The Ecological, Social Justice, Aboriginal Party Hasluck, WA

For sure we would support something like this. As an Aboriginal woman
and mother of three, we regularly engage in reading and storytelling
as this is a practice within our culture. I love slipping away into
the world of stories and journeys that books can take you. But without
skilled workers who know what they are talking about, the journey
would never be the same.
Thanks for bringing this to attention. I assumed that all schools had
librarians, and I cant believe how ignorant I was top this issue.

Thank you

Marianne Mackay
UMACKAY, Marianne

Senator On-Line, Hasluck, WA

I am very concerned about literacy standards in Australia and will support all measures that will improve literacy in our schools.
I believe that not only the librarians but all the other professionals working at schools should have good literacy and numeracy skills and the ability to impart their knowledge to children.
Certainly having an advocacy group for each and every subgroup at schools may be the way this should be approached.

Keep up your good work of fact finding as it is with data we can argue for change.

Dr Keturah Hoffman
HOFFMAN, Keturah Senator On-Line Medical Practitione

Mary-Lou Carter of the Carer's Alliance, NSW

Hello Anne

Our small political party though focussing on the issues relating to people with disabilities acquired through chronic illness or mental illness, or birth or accident or frailty we are a broad church because all families especially young families also have other children who need libraries. Education in the broadest sense is very much part of the focus of Carers Alliance and we understand very well your concern. Do you mind if I send your email to the Australian Parents Council which is the peak by of Parent Councils around Australia. I would be very interested to know what reception you’ve had to your concerns from the Federation of P & Cs and from the Catholic School System and Independent School peak bodies?

Your issues are very concern because the love of reading is the essence of an education and through reading is imparted deep knowledge not just transient information.

Kind regards and all the best with your endeavours

Mary Lou Carter