Tony Windsor, New England

Bryan Pape, candidate in Senate (law school, UNE)

Dear Ms Nay,
I am a enthusiastic supporter of libraries and
the professional work of librarians. As a barrister I could not carry
out my work without adequate library facilities. The ability to 'work'
a library is first gained at school. It is a fundamental skill needed
for self learning.

Regrettably it is not a responsibilty of the
Commonwealth Parliament. The Australian Constitution is silent on
education. The word education simply does not appear there. It is a
responsibility of the States.

Of course all this leads to the way State
Governments are to be financed. The Commonwealth must reduce its rates
of personal income tax to allow the States to set their own rates. But
this they must do. No objection can be taken to the Commonwealth
acting as agent for the States to collect income tax om their behalf.

In short, I support the establishment and
maintenance of libraries, together with the development of
professional librarians as a responsibility of the States.

I have taken the liberty of attaching a Press
Release and a specimen 'how to vote' card.

See too my website at

Yours sincerely,

Bryan PapeOn 16/08/2010

Independent Paul Blanch, Calare (Bathurst, LIthgow....NSW)

Thank you for your email. I have a very strong belief that the very best education represents the solution to ignorance and bigotry in this world. There will be little argument with me in supporting whatever can be done in that regard including ensuring we have the best libraries, library staff and most importantly encouraging the use of our libraries by the young and old.

[In short,] I am supportive of there being qualified teacher librarians in all schools.
Bests wishes