Larissa Waters, Senate Candidate for Qld.

Dear Georgia,
I hope you have received a reply from the Australian Greens with responses from our party on behalf of all candidates. If not, I have attached our reply. (see pdf)
Kind regards,
Larissa Waters

Australian Greens lead Senate candidate for Queensland

Thanks very much for your letter and survey.
Please find attached our answers to your questions.
best wishes,
Szilvia Csanyi

Szilvia Csanyi
Campaign Manager
Australian Greens VictoriaGreens

Here is the response from the National Greens. To see the original, click on the pdf link below.


The Greens place a high value on public education and recognise that investment
in the education sector pays enormous social dividends. For this reason, our
policy holds that 'the government has a primary responsibility to fund all levels
of the public education system - early childhood education, schools, vocational
education and training and universities - to provide high quality education to all
students'1. Sufficient resourcing for measures that improve literacy and reading
are naturally central to this.

Consequently, the Greens unequivocally support the continuation of the House of
Representatives Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians in
Australian Schools after the election. We will monitor the outcomes with
interest and support recommendations that we consider are well targeted to
improving educational outcomes, especially literacy. Until all evidence to the
inquiry has been assessed and the inquiry has reported, it would be premature
to make any more specific commitments.

10 August 2010


Thank you for the opportunity to put forward the policy platform of the Australian Greens.

Attached is our response to your election survey. Please confirm receipt and we would be pleased to see an example of how you have used this information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Kind regards,



Leader of the Australian Greens

Thanks for your email which I am forwarding onto the office of Senator Sarah Hanson-Young who has the education portfolio. I will mention however that Senator Milne raised the issue of Teacher Librarian Training and staffing during the Senate Inquiry into the government’s stimulus package.

Kind regards

Wendy McLeod
Office of Senator Christine Milne
GPO Box 896
Hobart Tasmania 7001

Just to let you know we got this and our national office will get you a response as soon as possible. Please let us know if you don't hear anything back in the near future.
[See further response above]


Colin Jacobs
Campaign Assistant to Dr Richard Di Natale
Australian Greens Victoria

Hello Audrey,
I believe we can answer this in the affirmative. The
Greens have been a strong voice for education and the NSW Teachers Federation
scorecard sees the Greens as the leaders in this area. Dr John Kaye our
NSW MLC is NSW spokesperson for education and an great advocate of all things
educational including librarians.

Rest assured that should Dominic win the seat of Cowper this will be on his

Thank you again for alerting us of this and we wish you well.

Best wishes,
Cheryl Dooley
Media Officer
The Greens Cowper
Election Campaign Committee
Ph: 6654 3793
Mobile 0428 631 219 (Try
landline first)