Darren Churchill, ACT Senate candidate

23 July 2010
Teaching children to ask questions and how to find answers is one of the fundamentals of education. We therefore indicate support for your campaign.

Kind regards,
Darren ChurchillNational Campaign Director, Australian DemocratsAustralian Democrats Senate Candidate for the 196 473

Senator Fiona Stanley, NSW Senate candidate

Thank you for email highlighting the need for teacher librarians. This is an issue that I was not aware of myself. My portfolio is Population and Immigration so I will pass this on to the relevant member to contact you for further comment. I can say however that the Australian Democrats are for proper investment in schools across the country. I have attached our schools policy for your information.
If you require any further comment I would be happy to provide as much in my role as lead senate NSW candidate for the Australian Democrats.
With thanks – Fiona
Fiona Clancy
Lead Senate Candidate (NSW) 2010
Australian Democrats