Teacher Librarians Campaign 2010 Federal Election


Conducted by The Hub: Campaign for Quality School Libraries in Australia

We are sending emails to as many candidates as possible. For their education as much as anything else! :-). So far letters have been sent to every Liberal/National Party candidate, Independent candidates, the Greens education spokesperson and leader, incumbent Labor candidates, Family First and the Democrats. Many more candidates to contact. Our letter to Labor candidates.
Candidates are more likely to give considered responses to their own electorate constituents, so please write to members in your electorate now. Here is one letter to use or change as you wish. Here is a longer sample letter you can adapt for your local federal candidates, or use as a follow up. You can find your electorate here and find your candidates here.
Write a letter today and put the candidate response on this Hub Campaign wiki. Let’s get every political candidate supporting the need for a teacher librarian in every school library now!

See also the template letters on the ALIA election site. Using your state or territory’s hearing transcript for relevant quotations is a great idea of Karen Bonanno’s.
Whatever you do, do let your candidates know that school libraries make a difference to student learning and literacy and it is time to arrest their national decline!

Some of the questions we asked of the candidates:

  • We wish to know if you will stand up for the profession of teacher librarianship and its value in building a literate and information literate nation?
  • Do you support the staffing of every state school with the full time equivalent of a qualified teacher librarian?
  • Do you support the development of federal standards for school library staffing and funding?
  • Will you give federal support for the increase of TL tertiary training courses and sponsorship of the number of places needed for the FTE of a qualified TL in every state school?
  • Do you support collection of national data on school library staffing, funding, and scheduling, through requiring thorough and consistent collection by all states, territories and sectors?
  • Do you support development of leadership programs through the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership in best practice in administering school library programs and developing excellence in teacher librarians?
  • Will you include a statement of support in your education platform for well-staffed 21st century school libraries for Australia’s students?

How the candidates responded. Please include any responses received.